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We believe there are two worlds.  One you can see, and the other you can’t.

Our pieces are the kind that you put on and never take off.  We design to stand out and we make to last.

When you purchase something from us you’ll see:

  • The subtle differences that make every piece entirely unique
  • Beautiful polished sterling silver and brass hardware made to last
  • The rainbow that reflects on the wall when the sunshine beams through a clear quartz crystal
  • The smile on her face when she opens the box

What you won’t see but should know is also there:

  • The hours it took to hand make each piece
  • The healing and cleansing properties of each stone, carefully selected to help increase energetic vibration and expand positivity
  • The feeling of calmness, clarity and intuition
  • The smile on her face when she embraces the jewels and thinks of you.

We bring these two worlds together by creating beautiful pieces and sourcing hand chosen crystals that harness the healing powers of the earth and also look intricate, delicate and stylish. Our products are designed with integrity and honesty. Every piece sourced, cut and created with love and one of a kind – just like you.

Krystle Knight Jewellery encompasses all that is beautiful, natural and graceful. A little inspiration, a feeling of calm, the essence that sits inside each of us: purity, clarity and divine love.

Enjoy xx

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